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Ultra Low Profile Power Cord Plug

SIGNAL+POWER (S+P) introduces world’s first line of low profile molded medical power cord plugs, an ideal solution for all medical and hospital installations where space is limited.

Campbell, CA November 20, 2008 -- Computer, medical, video and industrial equipment installers performing custom equipment installations that require near zero–clearance between power cord, equipment and or a physical structure has an optimum solution from SIGNAL+POWER (S+P). The Ultra Low Profile power cord plug product line manufactured by S+P is ideal for installing equipment on equipment racks and in tight spaces, such as data centers, industrial, medical applications, and custom home entertainment centers.

Today, many high-end homes are designed with built-in entertainment centers or theaters that include wall mounted LCD or plasma TVs. Using standard straight-in plugs often require several inches of space between equipment and wall, plus you also need to rout the power cord wire out of the way. Homeowners, as well as anyone wanting to place anything close to a wall outlet finally has a simple solution with S+P ultra low profile power cord plugs.

SPDS has introduced both three and two prong USA plugs with ultra thin thicknesses. “There are so many situations where data center and entertainment system installers must deal with inadequate space between the power outlet and the device they are installing. Our new line of fully UL approved, NEMA 5–15P or NEMA 1–15P standard series plugs provide the thinnest solution out there”, says Ivo Landre, President of Signal and Power Delivery Systems.

This right angle plug also has a clever offset shape to ensure neighboring outlets are not blocked by the plug’s strain relief or cord coming out of the plug. Straight plugs require at least 2.5 inches clearance between the wall and device and normal right angle plugs are anywhere between 0.84 and 1.2 inches thick. This new design roughly cuts that in half. “There is no other power cord plug designed for America that is thinner”, adds Mr. Landre.

Professional equipment installers pride themselves on clean, easy to manage equipment installations. The polarized and non-polarized two prong versions offer these benefits for the professional installers:

  1. Economy of Space – saves space between wall and equipment, furniture, equipment racks or other fixed objects.
  2. Professional Appearance – final installation is cleaner and more organized.
  3. Lays Flat – get rid of the loop of cord that is typical with standard orientation power cord plugs.
  4. Ease of Maintenance – combining right, left and 45 degree angle plugs and custom lengths allows easy routing of power cord wires making installations easier to maintain in the long run.

As a summary and available for immediate shipment are the following Ultra Low Profile Power Plugs:

  1. YP-12-9, a 3 prong power cord plug built to the NEMA 5-15P standard
  2. YP-11R, a 2 prong power cord plug built to the NEMA 1-15P polarized standard.
  3. YP-11T, a 2 prong power cord plug built to NEMA 1-15P non-polarized standard

Ultra Low Profile Power Cord Plug NEMA 5-15P, Item Number: YP-12L-9

YP-12L-9 has an incredible 12.8mm (1/2 inch) thickness

Ultra Low Profile Power Cord Plug NEMA 1-15P polarized, Item Number: YP-11R

YP-11R is 20mm (about 3/4 inch) thickness
Virtually any orientation is available:

Ultra Low Profile Power Cord Plug NEMA 1-15P unpolarized, Item Number: YP-11T

YP-11T is also 20mm (about 3/4 inch) thick

So whether you’re a major equipment manufacturer looking for custom designed power cords, or just want to install something in your home or office with the cleanest professional appearance, Signal and Power Delivery Systems has the solution.


SIGNAL+POWER (S+P) is the USA office for the world’s second largest power cord factory and offers power cords and plug adapters. S+P supplies OEMs in the computer, security, wireless, medical, networking and consumer electronics markets. S+P offers a complete line of standard and custom power cords and cable assemblies, plastic molded products and virtually any interconnect and power solution. S+P is firmly committed to providing the finest value for quality, price and service available in the marketplace. For more information, please contact S+P at (408) 871-7828 or visit our web site at

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