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Saf-D-Grid Power Cords

Safe Connections for Higher Voltage Power Distribution Systems

Saf-D-Grid connector systems have been created as a safe appliance power connector for server, telecommunications, and other devices up to 600VDC.

Meets UL 950 and IEC 60950 Standards
Available in Various Lengths, Gauges & Colors
Compatible with AC/DC currents up to 30A & 600V
Utilizes Trusted Contact Technology
"Power up with confidence and safety: Introducing Saf-D-Grid power cords, where reliability meets peace of mind."

Revolutionize Your Power Connectivity

Saf-D-Grid power cords offer unparalleled performance. Achieve up to 400V (AC or DC) of current interrupt or a 600V disconnect rating at up to 30 Amps, setting new standards in power connectivity.
400V (AC or DC)
of current interrupt
600V (AC or DC)
disconnect rating
7.2 x the power
of a C13/C14 in the same footprint
Space Sensitive
Increased Power
Tailored to Your Needs
Versatile Compatibility

Craft Your Connectivity: Customized SDG Power Cords

Revolutionize your power solutions with Saf-D-Grid power cords from SIGNAL+POWER, offering custom-designed cords tailored precisely to your needs. Engineered for efficiency and versatility, SDG seamlessly integrates into 1U high rack sizes, optimizing space while delivering enhanced power.

With customizable options such as NEMA plugs and various connector standards, SDG adapts effortlessly to your unique requirements. Experience the future of power supply with SDG, where customization meets unparalleled efficiency.
IEC 60309
NEMA 5-15P
Country Specific Plugs
Blunt cut

Saf-D-Grid: Redefining Connector Systems for Modern Needs

The Saf-D-Grid allows you to connect devices carrying DC or AC current up to 30A and 600V in the footprint of an IEC 60320 C13/C14 and is the only connector system at this size which is UL rated for disconnect up to 400V and 30A.
Saf-D-Grid 400V
Targets DC applications but is also rated for AC current with a single keying configuration.
Saf-D-Grid 300 VAC
Targets AC applications but is also rated for DC current and has multiple mechanical keys.

Data Center Switches Using Saf-D-Grid

Safeguard Your Operations,
Enhanced Safety Features

Discover the unmatched safety and reliability of SAF-D-GRID connectors and power cords. Engineered with cutting-edge features and UL certification, SAF-D-GRID cables prioritize safety in every aspect, ensuring optimal performance for your operations.
Prioritized Safety with First Mate, Last Break Ground Contact
Ensure peace of mind with Saf-D-Grid's prioritization of safety. By establishing an earthing path before engaging the power contacts, your connections are secured without compromise, minimizing the risk of electrical hazards.
Enhanced Workplace Safety Protection with Arcing Protection
Mitigate workplace hazards and ensure personnel safety. Saf-D-Grid power cords are crafted with specialized housing to contain arcs during mating or unmating under load, minimizing harm to personnel and enhancing workplace safety.
Equipment & Personnel Protection with Touch Safe / Shock Protection
Prioritize personnel safety and peace of mind. Saf-D-Grid's UL and IEC finger probe tests reduce the risk of personal contact with hazardous voltages, providing complete protection for both plug and receptacle, ensuring a safe working environment.
Uninterrupted Operations with Secure Connections & Integral Latch
Safeguard your critical equipment and maintain uninterrupted operations. The integral latch prevents accidental disconnection, ensuring secure connections and protecting against unwanted power loss.
Reliable Performance Guaranteed with Hot Plug Rating
Trust in consistent performance under all conditions. Saf-D-Grid connectors boast a hot plug rating, ensuring seamless current interruption for electronic, capacitive, and resistive loads, minimizing disruptions and maximizing efficiency.
Durability in Demanding Environments with Hot Plug Rating
Saf-D-Grid connectors feature increased thermal ratings up to 105°C, ensuring enhanced durability and reliability, even in demanding environments, reducing maintenance costs and downtime.

Maximize Rack Space with Enhanced Power Density

One challenge faced by data center architects is maximizing rack space usage. Saf-D-Grid connectors offer a solution by enabling greater power density compared to traditional connectors like the IEC 60320 C13 and C14 system.

With the ability to handle up to 30A and 600V DC or AC within the same space, Saf-D-Grid facilitates increased wattage, meeting the demands of modern AC systems efficiently.

Powering the AI Revolution

As AI reshapes industries, data centers face unprecedented demands for power density. Traditional setups fall short, consuming 6kW to 8kW, while AI-ready racks gulp down 50kW to 100kW+

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