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Difference Between Cord Sets?

There are many differences in the construction and type and strength of the current that electrical outlets are made to manage in cords and outlets in North America and most of Europe.

The type of current differs between countries. North America uses an alternating current, which reverses direction in electric circuit at regular intervals. Europeans use a direct current, which has a unidirectional flow of electric charge. This factor necessitates a difference in the way electrical outlets, cords and plugs are constructed. American cord sets generally have 2 prongs, or 3 for products with higher voltage. One prong is generally larger than the other, and they are both flat. Overseas, the amount and arrangement of prongs varies quite a bit among countries. Generally, they are all rounded and about the same size. This makes American electrical products’ cord sets incompatible with European outlets, and vice versa.

However, there is a solution for unprepared travelers. Adapters are available. These adapters are simple, inexpensive products that provide conversions from any country to any country. Caution must still be taken as all things may not adjust to the adapter. There is a difference between American and European outlets—the voltage varies between countries. In North America, plug-in electrical products are between 110 and 120 volts at 60 Herts, while in Europe, their standard voltage is between 220 and 240 volts at 50 Hertz. Unfortunately, there’s nothing that can be done about this difference, except, if possible, to set your electronic product to a lower setting.

Although there are many different voltage and current differences that vary by country, most of them have their own unwavering standards that haven’t changed in a long time. There are also many cord set companies that produce and sell cords and outlets from a number of different countries, including SIGNAL+POWER. Many even offer adapters.

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