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Discover LSZH cables, short for Low Smoke Zero Halogen cables, also known as LSOH or Low Smoke Halogen Free cables. LSZH cables are made with materials that emit less smoke and toxic fumes when burned, making them a more environmentally friendly option. Smoke inhalation is also what causes most fire-related deaths.

LSZH cables are often used in public buildings and other areas with a risk of fire. LSZH cables are great for confined spaces with large amounts of cable in close proximity to humans or electronic equipment. The military was one of the first adopters as ships and submarines were the perfect use case for LSZH cables. 

LSZH cables are also more heat resistant and have a longer lifespan than traditional cables. These specialized cables are designed to address critical safety concerns in the event of a fire, where smoke emissions and toxic fumes could pose serious risks to human health and vital equipment.

Unlike PVC cables and other insulation materials, LSZH cables produce minimal smoke and absolutely zero acidic gases when exposed to fire. This makes them an ideal choice for indoor applications in public areas, hospitals, schools, shopping centers, cinemas, police and fire stations, aircraft, and underground railway networks, where ventilation may be limited.