Bulk Power Cord Wire

HYBRID USA SJT 18AWG 3C + EU 1.0mm Bulk Power Cable

HYBRID 18/3 SJT - 1.0mm² H05VV-F 3G BLK QTY

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Bulk Power Cord Wire  
HYBRID 18/3 SJT - 1.0mm² H05VV-F 3G  -  HYBRID USA + Europe Harmonized Bulk Power Cable

18/3 SJT + H05VV-F 1.0mm² hybrid bulk power cord wire for use almost anywhere in the world. This hybrid bulk power cord wire is built to the European IEC 60227 and IEC 60228 standards as well as the American standards from Underwriter Laboratories called UL 62 and UL 1581. Some power cord applications require the use of American standards as well as the harmonized European standards and it's more convenient to carry only one style to cover both requirements. Therefore, SPDS offers this 10A 300V bulk flexible cordage in one product.

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Attribute Specification
Country Category Hybrid USA and EU
Voltage 300V
Amperage (under 50ft long) 10 amps
Cord Length Bulk
Wire Jacket Standard SJT + H05VV-F (hybrid combination)
Gauge 18AWG and 1.0mm²
Conductors 3
Copper Wire Stranding 32 strands of 0.2mm² wire
Conductors Material Stranded and Annealed bare Copper
Conductor Insulation Material PVC
Jacket Material PVC
Jacket Temp. Rating 105°C
Wire Outer Diameter 7.8mm
Conductor Color Code ICC (blue, brown and green with yellow stripe)
36 inch Spool Maximum Quantity 14,760 feet
24 inch Spool Maximum Quantity 3,690 feet
Certifications cUL, VDE, CCC, Kema-Keur, CEBEC, OVE, D, FI, N, S, S+, KTL
Environmental Compliance RoHS, REACH, Sony Green Partner, ISO14001:2015, ISO9001:2015
Country of Origin China