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Universal Power Cord Wire


  • Reduce warehouse space
  • Eliminate confusion
  • Stock fewer SKUs
  • Consolidates 3+ standards into 1


    World’s First Truly Universal Power Cord Wire

    Go beyond hybrid cords with certifications for the entire world!

    Power cord and OEM device manufacturers typically stock a wide variety of power cords and bulk wire to meet the varying specifications for countries around the world. This takes up valuable warehouse space, requires significant staff knowledge, and is frequently the cause of confusion. The world’s first truly universal power cord wire offered by SIGNAL+POWER eliminates these issues.

    A typical power cord can be made with three different wire styles:

    1. SJT wire for North America standards (USA, Canada and Mexico).
    2. H05VV-F wire for Europe, Asia, Oceania, Africa and South America standards (Germany, China, Australia, South Africa and Brazil).
    3. VCTF or HVCTF wire for Eastern standards (Japan and Taiwan).

    These completely universal power cord wire products include all three of the above wire standards markings and approvals into one and are immediately available in four gauges: 10AWG, 12 AWG, 14AWG, and 18AWG. So here is an example of the 18AWG product: 3 conductor 18AWG SJT + 1.0mm² H05VV-F + 1.0mm² HVCTF.

    This is the first product of its kind for the power cord wire products industry and can dramatically reduce the number of wire spools a power cord provider or OEM manufacturer needs to keep on hand.

    For example, a data center equipment manufacturer offering a C13/C14 or C19/C20 power cord can substantially reduce the number of SKUs offered and still provide a power cord solution to all of their customers throughout the world.

     Here are the wire jacket markings for the 14AWG version:

     wire code markings

    SIGNAL+POWER offers SOOW cable wire in 3, 4 and 5 conductor varieties and in 4, 6, 8, 10 and 12AWG wire thicknesses.

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