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Medical Power Cords

SIGNAL+POWER (S+P) is pleased to announce official UL approval and certification for several new high-end green dot hospital grade power plugs for medical industry power cords and power supply cords. 

For detailed information on any of these new items, please visit this page: Hospital Grade Power Cords

The power cords used in medical applications must have the green dot prominently displayed on the plug of the product to clearly show that it conforms to the more stringent and rugged requirements for materials and construction as defined in Underwriter Laboratories specifications UL817, UL60601-1 and UL498.

UL specification 60601-1 specifically states that all patient care equipment must use power cords with hospital grade attachment plugs. The fundamental differences between normal NEMA plugs and the hospital grade versions of the same plugs are;

  1. Prong blades must be of solid brass construction without folding.
  2. A retaining strain relief type device must be added to the inside of the plug mold to prevent any potential stress to connections and ensure grounding reliability.
  3. Must be able to pass various more stringent tests UL performs before approval.
  4. Product must be marked with the green dot as well as the phrase “Hospital Grade”.

“These new line of molded low profile medical power cords are ideal for virtually any hospital grade power cord application” says Ivo Landre, SIGNAL+POWER. “Until now, 20 amp and 15 amp medical applications needed to use clunky and expensive assembly style or molded plugs. These new power cords not only provide rugged functionality in a very small footprint but are also much less expensive than what’s currently out there”, he continues.

The NEMA 5–20P, NEMA 6–15P and NEMA 6–20P power cord molded plugs are all available in straight or right angle configurations. They can be made with various wire styles from 12 thought 18AWG and have a variety of receptacles, cord lengths and colors available as well.


SIGNAL+POWER (S+P) is the USA office for the world’s second largest power cord factory and offers power cords and plug adapters. S+P supplies OEMs in the computer, security, wireless, medical, networking and consumer electronics markets. S+P offers a complete line of standard and custom power cords and cable assemblies, plastic molded products and virtually any interconnect and power solution. S+P is firmly committed to providing the finest value for quality, price and service available in the marketplace. For more information, please contact S+P at (408) 871-7828 or visit our web site at

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