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SIGNAL+POWER® is proud to offer Low Smoke Zero Halogen (LSZH) products

SIGNAL+POWER® is excited to bring to market a broad line of new products to fulfill the ever-expanding need for Low Smoke Zero Halogen (LSZH) rated power cords. These LSZH products far surpass their polyvinyl chloride power (PVC) cord counterparts for human safety and are becoming increasingly more common in industries concerning public health.

Why make the switch?

One of the cornerstones in power cord manufacturing has always been polyvinyl chloride or more commonly known as PVC.  This material has many beneficial characteristics that consumers look for in power cords like it’s flexibility, durability and versatile design applications. It is flame retardant, lightweight and acts as a good insulator for copper wires.

However, PVC does have a significant drawback as it contains a halogen. Halogens or Noble Gasses refer to a group of elements on the periodic table that are highly toxic when combusted, or in their gaseous state.

halogens and noble gases

(Halogens/ Noble Gases)

These elements are fluorine, chlorine, bromine, iodine and astatine (radioactive) with chlorine being one of the chief elements in PVC. Although halogens have flame retardant properties, when burned, a dense toxic smoke is emitted. In the instance when PVC is burned, the highly poisonous and corrosive gas, hydrogen chloride is released and is extremely harmful to organic material.

As research has shown the potential dangers of PVC to public safety, numerous countries and even large corporations have already begun to phase out PVC in some sectors (i.e. baby products, hospitals). These bans are more in relation to the plasticizers in PVC called phthalates. They help soften and give PVC its flexible characteristics.  The studies revealed that phthalates may have adverse effects on the human body pertaining to fertility, obesity, and endocrine disruption.  REACH lists three main phthalates, DEHP, DNP and BBP, as chemicals that are restricted from being in PVC.

So whether it is harmful phthalates or the potential of a toxic halogen being released from a power cord made of PVC, the alternative choice for safety is quite clear – LSZH.  

The material used for our LSZH power cords is TPE, or thermoplastic elastomer. This has many of the same qualities found in PVC without the health risk implications. An added benefit aside from not producing a toxic smoke during a fire is that TPE is recyclable.  In most applications, TPE will perform the same or even out perform the resistance features of PVC (i.e. heat resistance, cold resistance, oil resistance).

SIGNAL+POWER has fulfilled the VDE requirements to begin providing this product type. Please see the following specs below and place your order today!


low smoke zero halogen wire specs


LSZH Wire Specs


CEE7/16 (YP-21Z), CEE7/7 Down Angle (YP-22Z), CEE7/7 Straight Angle (YP-23Z), C14 (YP-32Z), C20 (YP-33Z), BS1363 Down Angle (YP-61Z)

low smoke zero halogen cable specs

LSZH Plug Types


C13 Straight (YC-12Z), C13 Right Angle (YC-12L-Z), C7 Straight (YC-13Z), C7 Right Angle (YC-13L-Z), C5 Straight (YC-14Z), C5 Right Angle (YC-14L-Z), C19 Straight (YC-18Z), C19 Right Angle (YC-18L-Z)

low smoke zero halogen receptacle specs

LSZH Receptacle Types

To view our LSZH products, see Low Smoke Zero Halogen Cables and Low Smoke Zero Halogen Wire.

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