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Based on 46 reviews
Swiss SEV 1011 to C13 Power Cord - 6 ft
Jordan B. (Elizabethtown, Pennsylvania)
Great for traveling!

My laptop charger is multi-voltage, so rather than use an adapter, I wanted to use a native IEC based cord to use with Swiss plugs. This cord met all expectations!

USA NEMA 6-20 Extension Cord - Multiple Lengths
Merry N. (Wakefield, Massachusetts)
Great Cords

We are using these cords for outdoor heated walkway mats. They work great.

Ordered the wrong Item

Still trying to find out how to return it, not an easy process.

Absolutely perfect!

These angled adapters work better for me than the straight ones because they don't stick out in to the space.
I am using them for stuff bought in Germany. Very happy with them!!!
Thank you!

Polarized IEC C7 to IEC C14 Plug Adapter
James A. (Urbandale, Iowa)
Polarized IEC C7 to IEC C14 Plug Adapter

Fast shipping. Well Packaged. Item as described.
5 star rating!

IEC C8 to C7 Power Cord - 6 ft
G.Mark (Pompano Beach, Florida)
Great find. Signal Power came through

Never thought i would be needing to get this power cord, but I'm glad that Signal Power sold it. Great price too!

NEMA 5-20R to IEC C14 Plug Adapter
Dogwood A. (Athens, Georgia)
Quick and accurate

I got my order quickly. The product was high quality and exactly as described on line. It is refreshing to find a vender with these qualities.

Italy to USA Plug Adapter
George R. (Richmond, California)
Great service wrong item

As the tile says - the service was terrific but the adaptor was the wrong one….alas

Very sorry to hear that the adapter did not work. Can I assist in anyway? Did you need a different adapter?

USA to Europe 3 Prong Plug Adapter
John P. (San Marcos, California)

All good no coment

BS1363 to C5 Power Cord - 6 ft
Michael G. (Dublin, Leinster)
Oh well

Had to wait till I arrived in Ireland to try the cord. Plugged it in to an outlet and nothing. If I kept one hand on the plug, pushing it into the outlet my laptop charged, but not when I let go. The weight of the metal plugs make the US trick of bending them in not an option. The converter I plug my cell charger into worked fine in the same outlet, as did the electric tea pot. Glad I had my US cable and the converter.

Very sorry to hear about this issue and the inconvenience it caused you. Our products are built to very exacting standards. Just curious to know if this issue persisted when the cord plugged into different outlets.

We are happy to work with you to reach a good resolution. Please reach back out to us. Thanks!

NEMA 14-50 Extension Cord for Level 2 EV Charging (50A, 250V) - 25ft

well made, quality connections, thick wire, no issues

Australia to USA Plug Adapter
Tom S. (Rockville, Virginia)
Excellent product

I purchased some equipment that came with a power adapter and it was real junk. After some research I really liked the look and specs of the Signal + Power adapter. It is so much better than what came with the equipment. It has a 10 amp rating and it is a perfect match to the male plug and looks like it should have come as original equipment. Fast shipping and a very reasonable price.

USA NEMA 6-20 Extension Cord - Multiple Lengths
Mark J.L. (New York, New York)
As advertised as promised. Great product

Exactly what I was looking for. Great service.

Angled 1-15p to Angled C7 Power Cord - 6 ft
Mark V. (Commerce, Michigan)
Just what was needed

Used these cords to power LED power supplies installed in kitchen cabinets. The cords enabled me to keep the cords tight to the rear wall of the cabinet.

Australia AS3112 to C13 Power Cord - 6 ft
Richard O. (Kailua-Kona, Hawaii)
Great Find

Recently I bought a converter for travels to Europe and was able to find adapters for it but when I researched the internet the electrical outlets for 220 in AU and NZ are wholly different. The cord I got from Signal and Power works perfectly with my inverter.

Italy to USA Plug Adapter
Larry S. (Brooklyn, New York)
Plug adapter. Italy/US

I'm so glad I found this dealer.
Great price and very quick delivery.
Thank you.

Switzerland to USA Plug Adapter
PDG (Washington, District of Columbia)
In follow up to prior comment...

It does not have enough power to even convert the electricity. I wanted it to run a swiss cheese machine I have and it can't even generate enough wattage to glow up the light. It's terrible. If you send me a better one I would happily change my review.

I am happy to help with trouble shooting. I have a couple of questions about how you're using the adapter.

Is your Swiss cheese machine plugged directly in our adapter and then into the wall and is your product dual voltage? Europe and USA had different voltages coming out of the wall. In Europe, it is 220-240v vs 110-120v in the USA. If you are not using a power converter, then that is likely why your machine is not getting enough power to work correctly.

Our adapter is only rated up to 10A 125 as shown in our listing. It does not transform power, only allows the transmission of electricity. If you do a quick search on Amazon for 'power converter 120v to 240v,' you will find several options to help step up the voltage. You would still likely need our plug adapter to connect your cheese maker to a step up transformer. However, if you do not want to try this suggestion to get your device to work, I'm happy to provide a full refund. Just let us know how you'd like to proceed.

USA to Switzerland Plug Adapter
Dwight B. (Los Angeles, California)
Worked great.

Went to Switzerland this summer and this adapter worked perfectly.

Best NEMA 14-50 Extension Cord for Level 2 EV Charging (50A, 250V)

I was worried about the chance of a garage fire burning my house down due to a cheap extension cord. I purchased this NEMA 14-50 Extension Cord to charge my Teslas and have slept soundly every night since with no issues. Well worth the money I spent!

no issue so far

USA NEMA 5-15P to C19 Power Cord
Raghav G. (Bengaluru, Karnataka)

USA NEMA 5-15P to C19 Power Cord

NEMA 14-50 extension cord

Quality construction, fast shipping. Very happy with product.

USA to Switzerland Plug Adapter
Mary C. (Norfolk, Virginia)

USA to Switzerland Plug Adapter

IEC C13 to IEC C20 Plug Adapter
TUAN P. (Odenton, Maryland)

Good !!!!

China GB2099 to C13 Power Cord - 6 ft
Jarad C. (Bothell, Washington)
Excellent Cords - I know nothing about cords

Excellent service. Excellent shipping. I am a real customer. I bought two badly-needed and very specific cords for a machine I bought from China. Signal and Power was very responsive and helped me figure out what kind of cord I needed. That is why they won my business. Buy from them!

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