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Based on 78 reviews
Australia to USA Plug Adapter
Lisa R. (Reno, Nevada)
Great plug

Very good plug

Worked great!

Arrived quickly and worked perfectly

USA NEMA 5-15R to IEC C6 Plug Adapter
Craig R. (Somers, Connecticut)
Great way to make a stealth extension cord

The title probably sounds odd, but I need to have an extension cord in a place where we cant bring our own. I use a medical device at night and have to hope that I can borrow one at guest services. I purchased a 15 foot power power cord that fits my equipment, but adding this connector at the end turns it into a 15 foot extension cord. The adapter is very well made and fits perfectly. Its a very specialized adapter that I only found on one other web site. If you were to purchase this to do the same thing, be aware that the power cords these fit are usually 18ga wire and should only be used for very light loads of 10 amps on a short cord and 5-7 amps on a longer cord.

Italy to USA Plug Adapter
Taylor W. (Cleveland, Tennessee)

Low power

Hello, sorry to hear about this issue. Can you please verify that your Italian device is dual voltage (Europe and USA have different standard voltages coming out of standard wall sockets). You low power issue may be due to 125v AC current in USA vs 240v AC in Italy. Our adapter clearly states that it does not transform power. You would need a voltage step up transformer to achieve that effect.

IEC C14 to C13 X2 Splitter 15 Amps - 10 ft
Larry C. (Hayward, California)

Your cord was perfect in being a part of a assembly in making a discontinued power cord for a CEP Light Cart

USA NEMA 6-20 Extension Cord - Multiple Lengths
Charles T. (Bremo Bluff, Virginia)

I did not realize it was the european version. Not able to use.

USA NEMA 6-20 Extension Cord - Multiple Lengths

Switzerland to USA Plug Adapter
Bethany P. (San Francisco, California)
Just what I was looking for

This plug is hard to find, a convertor for a Swiss three-pronged plug in a US socket. It works perfectly! Ordering online was easy and delivery time was quick. Very satisfied.

It works very good

Great product

Quality, quick shipping and good price

USA NEMA 6-20 Extension Cord - Multiple Lengths
Jamey R. (Manchester, Maryland)

USA NEMA 6-20 Extension Cord - Multiple Lengths

Hello, thanks for the feedback. Can you please help us to understand why this product received a low review? It appears the only contact we got had to do with the incorrect item being ordered. We are happy to offer pre-sales support to ensure that customers get the right item,. Thank you

Angled IEC C7 to UK BS1363 Plug Adapter
Richard B. (Poplar, England)
A brilliant idea and adapter. I wonder why these are not available everywhere, but glad you have ...

An excellent idea for small chargers for example camera battereies. No more dangling from cords!

USA NEMA 5-20P to C19 Power Cord
Brian L. (Renton, Washington)
I should not need to tell you

Just keep your web site working. Review your stuff yourself. You should not need my help

Does what it's supposed to do

Bought the 10 ft. length. Used it to connect 18,000 BTU A/C to outlet. Connected perfectly and A/C works fine.

Switzerland to USA Plug Adapter
Bill B. (Tucson, Arizona)
It's an adapter and it adapts, so 5 stars

The adapter is sturdy and works well. I'm not happy I had to pay $5 shipping for two $3.25 adapters, but I needed them and Amazon doesn't carry them. I'm also not happy that since I bought these, I get a Signal+Power advertisement before every YouTube video I watch.

New life for my recoil drop light .

The new 18/3 wire worked like a charm. I have an old drop light with the spring recoil. The wire was so old that the wire was getting quite inflexible and the plastic coating was cracking in numerous places. Because of the stiffness of the old wire, the wire was not recoiling like it should. The new wire gave the unit a new life.

excellent product excellent price

good deal nice cord fast shipping

NEMA L6-20R to NEMA L6-30P Plug Adapter
Gilles D. (Montreal, Quebec)

Fast service, delivery and good packaging, Product as describe

USA NEMA 5-15P to C13 Power Cord - SVT Wire Jacket
Eleanore N. (San Diego, California)

USA NEMA 5-15P to C13 Power Cord - SVT Wire Jacket

Did the trick

High quality would’ve been better if it had a right angle to the appliance and a flat plug to the wall! That being said he got the job done

IEC C20 to C19 20A Cords: Multiple Colors + Lengths
Janusz W. (Sunnyvale, California)

As expected, works fine

USA to Europe 3 Prong Plug Adapter
gardar h. (Reykjavik, Capital Region)

Did work fine

Brazil 16A NBR14136 to C13 Power Cord - 6 ft
Nicholas S. (Belo Horizonte, Minas Gerais)
Wrong plug

You sent me a plug that doesn’t fit a us plug

Hello, sorry to hear about the issue you're having. It does not appear that either power cord you ordered has a NEMA inlet if you're attempting to use with a US power cord. I'm assuming you need plug adapters for Brazil:

Please contact us if you need more support. Thank you.


It's working good. The reason take out one start bc the outlet is hard to push into

Thank you for the review and the feedback. To ensure a secure fit so that the power cord is not loose, you would typically want a tight fitting connection.

USA NEMA 6-20 Extension Cord

Works great

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