10' Power Cord

BS1363 to C19

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BS1363 to C19 power cord: BS1363 standard fused 3 pin plug to IEC C19 with H05VV-F 1.5mm² black wire, 10 feet. Rated up to 13A 250V.

Attribute Specification
Male Plug BS1363 with 13A fuse 3 prong 13A
Female Receptacle IEC60320 C19 3 prong 13A
Wire Jacket Standard H05VV-F
Gauge 1.5mm²
Conductors 3 wire
Copper Wire Stranding 48 strands of 0.202mm²
Jacket Material PVC
Temperature Rating Up to 70°C
Wire Outer Diameter 8.5mm
Conductor Color Code Blue, Brown and Green with Yellow stripe / ICC (International color code)
Voltage Up to 250 Volts AC
Amperage Up to 13 Amps
Color Black
Number Per Carton 30
Carton Weight 32 lbs (14.2kg)
Carton Dimensions 15.75 X 11.8 X 9 inches (40 X 30 X 23cm) 
Testing 100% are individually tested for Hi-Pot (dielectric voltage withstand test), opens, shorts and pinout.
Certifications All components certified but IEC doesn't allow configuration where female is rated higher than male.
Environmental Compliance RoHS, REACH, Sony Green Partner, ISO14001:2015, ISO9001:2015
Country of Origin China
BS1363 to C19
BS1363 to C19
BS1363 to C19
BS1363 to C19
BS1363 to C19
BS1363 to C19