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The Ins and Outs of Power Cords

AC cords are used for many different electronic applications. Computers, gaming systems, audio equipment, and more all can use an AC power cord. There are many different suppliers of power cords and several different kinds of cords with varying features. Molding sizes can even vary from company to company. When it comes to moldings and profiles, there are different ways to view how they work. For example smaller moldings are usually better because they allow for lower profile moldings which work better with power strips. One of the major advantages from lower profiles is better airflow for tight, high temperature environments. 

In addition to this, when looking at power cords it is important to take into consideration the orientation of the molding. Moldings with certain angles can mean easier installation as well as a better, safer fit in an outlet or power strip. After looking at the orientation another interesting part of power cords is looking at the customizability of them. There are some manufacturers who will offer varying colors and different lengths of cords. The most interesting part of power cords exists with in the functionality of the product. Some manufacturers are developing and looking at completely universal power cords. This would make them international and definitely a valued product on the market.

Searching for new power cords should not be taken lightly because of the functionality and options that come with them. Explore everything out there. When searching, look through a company whose products are certified to comply with the latest RoHS2 and REACH standards. This will make sure that you are getting the cream of the crop when it comes to power cords. You’re decision making process should not end with one company. When you have exactly what you need that is tailored to your needs and applications at a competitive price, then you will be even happier with your purchase.

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