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SIGNAL+POWER® Adds New Ultrasonic Welding Capabilities!

At SIGNAL+POWER® (S+P), we’ve been a top-notch manufacturer of power cords, cord sets and electrical plug adapters since 2003.  Customers in important industries around the world rely on the quality of S+P products to help them do their jobs. We’re proud to offer the best quality, price and service in the market. Because we are so committed to quality, we’re always looking for new ways to enhance our manufacturing processes and create innovative products that are better than ever before. Our most recent manufacturing upgrade is in-house ultrasonic welding capabilities!

Ultrasonic welding uses high frequency ultrasonic acoustic vibrations to create a solid state weld between objects (wire to wire or wire to terminal splicing) or bond stranded wires together (wire tipping). We can now use an ultrasonic welding machine for our copper conductors for ROJ style power cords or AC cords that previously required terminals or ferrules. This method has several proven advantages which result in a superior product with superior electrical connections. The first is that since all of the strands of copper are tightly welded or bonded together, there are no more loose strands that could splay, fray or break off.  The ultrasonic welding process also disperses surface contaminants and oxidation for improved connections and lasting electrical performance. Ultrasonic welding also makes it much easier to install terminals or other wire harness components down the line. Finally, ultrasonic welding provides dramatically improved crimp quality which yields better electrical power cord connections. 

For all of our ultrasonic welding, we use a Branson/Emerson Ultrasonic Welder. Branson is one of the leading ultrasonic welding technology brands, and their machines are known for consistently producing excellent results. The advanced technology of the system gives us the ability to manufacture power cords with an ultrasonic weld length of anywhere from 4mm to 16mm on cords with wire thicknesses of 18AWG (American Wire Gauge) all the way through 6AWG. 

S+P’s new ultrasonic welding capabilities demonstrate yet again our comprehensive commitment to quality as well the utilization of the latest and greatest techniques. As we continue to manufacture products for our customers, we run tests, keep complete documentation, and calibrate all of our equipment. We know that a product is only as good as the process used to create it, so we take great care to manufacture with very high standards. If you have any questions or you would like to place an order, just contact us today. We’d be happy to assist you! 

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