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Power Supply Cords Are Essential

Right now, you’re most likely reading this page on a screen unless you prefer the old fashioned way of printing hard copy pages out. You could be reading this on a laptop, tablet or maybe even your phone. However you are viewing this post, a power cable made that possible. Some variety of power cord is necessary to make these words appear whether it's an ac adapter plugged in or your a battery that was charged by one.

Take a step back and think about the number of power cords we use just to make the internet function. This blog that you’re currently reading was created on a computer that was connected to a screen from a power source. The computer engineers who made the software, the computers, the operating systems, and everything that goes into this simple blog used power cords to make it all happen. Power cords are vital to business and the online world. Servers, modems, routers, printers, external hard drives and all manner of other computer equipment and accessories are all provided with electricity through power supply cords. The number of power cords in the business world is astounding and serves as the lifeblood to not only our devices but our economy as well. Power supply cords are also used in many situations outside of personal and commercial computing.

It is hard to sometimes appreciate the complexity and density that comes with such a simple cord but we must take a moment to reflect on their importance. Think of everything you’ve used a power cord for just today. Maybe a lamp? Your cell phone? A coffee maker? You’ve probably used more than that just today. We’ve grown accustomed to our electronic devices just working. We tend not to notice the infrastructure that makes that functionality possible. But without power cords, where would we be? Using typewriters? Cord phones? How far would it set us back? This is what stresses the functionality and vital use of power cords from day-to-day.

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