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C13 C14 Power Cords




IEC C13 to C14 power cords are used for various applications such as computer, monitor and printer extensions cords, PDU (power distribution unit) power cords, game systems and audio equipment like amplifiers.  Commonly called IEC jumper cords or IEC extension cords, they are among the most popular power cords in the world.  Available in 15A 250V, 13A 250V or 10A 250V ratings, S+P offers these cords for every country in the world with more country
certifications that anyone.

Why are the S+P products better than anyone else’s?

S+P has literally the smallest (lowest profile) C14 plug and C13 receptacle molds in the world.  This allows easier installation in tight areas and offers better air flow in higher temperature or crowded environments.

S+P offers the greatest assortment of orientations in the market with the C13 receptacles available in straight, right angle, left angle,
up angle and down angle and the C14 plugs are available in straight, right angle and left angle making any installation a breeze.

All of our C13 C14 power cords have been certified to comply with the latest RoHS2 and REACH standards including the latest REACH standard which is up to 132 controlled substances.

Nine stocked colors, standards lengths available in as little as 3 inch increments, multiple plug and receptacle angles, low profile connector molds and multiple wire gauges all allow the user to produce the cleanest, clearest, most optimized installation that is easiest to identify, maintain and alter. 

See the S+P stocked selection of C13 C14 power cords here:  IEC C13 to C14 Power Cords

Available in any length, S+P stocks 3, 6 and 10 foot versions in both 10A and 15A ratings for use in any country. 

S+P is also pleased to announce the world’s first and only truly universal C13 to C14 power cords available.  These cords can be used in literally every country worldwide with ratings and certifications for USA, Europe, Japan and Australia and many others.  This new line of C13 C14 power cords will be available February 1st, 2013 and in stock by April, 2013.

Note:  When using our C13 to C14 power cords with other manufacturer’s devices or connectors, we recommend the IEC “SecureSleeve” products to go with the cords to ensure optimal fit and retention force

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